No Smoking  
Booking Terms
  No Vaping
• In order to secure accommodation a deposit is required based on a percentage of the total quote.
• For periods of less than 5 days 100% deposit is required.
• A unit will only be reserved once the deposit has been paid;
• The money is available in our bank account
Payment Method
• Money Transfer (EFT)
• Cash
Note 1: No credit card facilities
Note 2: All bank charges for cash deposits will be invoiced separately
Check In : From 2 pm to 9pm latest

Occupation of the property will only be granted on:
• receipt of rent for period quoted. No refunds during occupation.
• occupation agreement signed by occupant
• POPI consent given in terms of Occupation Terms and Conditions.
• TPN credit check for periods of 2 months or more.
Note 3: A deposit will be required for Electricity usage which will be metered & invoiced separately at current municipal prepaid tariffs.
Booking Cancellation Notice Guest forfeiture of deposit:
• From 21 to 30 days 25%
• From 14 to 21 days 50%
• From 7 to 14 days 75%
• Less than 7 days 100%